Meet the Designers – Genevieve Finley

At For the Love of Cake, we’re not just bakers, we’re also designers. We pride ourselves on taking special care and attention to detail with all of our cakes and custom designs, but often our customers don’t get to meet the designers behind their cakes. So who are these crafty confection creators of ours?

To get to know our in-house artists, we start with co-founder Genevieve Finley and asked her a few questions about running a bakery.

How did For the Love of Cake come to be?

Genevieve Finley: I started in a loft workspace in June 2009 with a really simple website and I was making cakes by myself. In October, I signed the lease for our spot in Liberty Village, and by January 2010 we had opened our doors! It was really such a quick turnaround; a bit of a whirlwind, that first year.


What were you doing before the bakery?

GF: I worked at a bridal boutique, even doing some modelling here and there. Then, after Hurricane Katrina, I ran a non-profit for about two years. Coming back to Toronto, I was searching for my next career when I found a cake design class. I really had no intention of making it into a career, I just thought “Hey, that could be an interesting hobby, who knows?”, and look where we are today.

What is your design background?

GF: I have no formal design training, aside from the couple of cake design classes. I was thrown into design while at the bridal boutique and always had a creative side, so cake designing came to me pretty naturally.


What do you love creating most?

GF: I most love working on custom cakes with ideas that are completely from scratch, without a base photo or anything. I really enjoy taking a vision and making it a reality.

What is your favourite cake flavour?

GF: Coconut. No question.

What is the most common cake or theme people request from you?

GF: Tiffany Box cakes, everybody asks for those.


Which is your favourite cake that you’ve created?

GF: On my own in that first year, I created a cake for Dina Pugliese of Breakfast Television. It had a purse, a magazine, makeup… I was really happy with the way that one turned out. The Rogers Center cake was my favourite as far as collaborative efforts go. We pulled some late nights, but it was such a big accomplishment. I mean, we made a seven foot CN Tower!

What’s an interesting fact most people wouldn’t know about cake building?

GF: Something interesting to me is that when you cover a cake with buttercream and fondant it actually acts as a sealant, and keeps the cake fresher for much longer.

What is the weirdest request you’ve had to build?

GF: Once, I was asked to make a cake which resembled a bed with a woman sleeping in it, then a naked man posed on top of her in a Captain Morgan stance, with his foot on her head. It was an unusual request.


Other than cake, what is one of your favourite foods?

GF: Seafood!

What else do you love to do (aside from making cakes of course)?

GF: I like spending time with my daughter. She’s two. I don’t have a lot of time for anything else really!

What do you find to be the hardest aspect or technique when it comes to cake design?

GF: To me, it’s replicating specific characters. When they’re really well-known, it’s so easy for someone else to spot mistakes.


Got a special occasion that needs a special touch? Contact us for your wonderful, wild or weird requests.

How to choose a wedding cake design

Some brides look through wedding magazines or search online and find cakes they like which they want to duplicate for their own wedding or change up slightly to suit their needs. Other brides want a completely custom cake to reflect elements from their dress, flowers, venue or decor.

Some things to look at in coming up with a design are your invitation, wedding dress, venue decor or your flowers. Is there a pattern from your invitations that could work as a trim or full print on a cake?  Does your wedding dress have lace or beading or even some pleating which could work into the cake design? What flowers are you using in your bouquet and centre pieces? Would those look nice as a bouquet on top of the cake or scattered between the tiers? Do you have a monogram that you are using that could work on the front of your cake or as a cake topper?

Are you using a theme throughout your wedding? Some couples go for Art Deco, Nautical, Las Vegas or shabby chic/country.

Some couples even like to incorporate where they got engaged into their cakes.

Here are some photos of custom wedding cakes we’ve done, some having the inspiration photographed with the cake.

Iron Cupcake is back!!

After some time off, Iron Cupcake is back!

Iron Cupcake – Spring! – Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Registration is now open!All past competitors are welcome to register.

Secret Ingredient; theme of Spring

What is Iron Cupcake?

Iron Cupcake is a cupcake challenge open to the public which has a similar concept to that of Iron Chef. A “secret ingredient” is announced and the competitors must somehow incorporate it into their cupcakes. Cupcakes will be made ahead of time and brought in a finished state to the competition. There will be points awarded on presentation, taste and creativity. Iron Cupcake was started in the US and is not only popular there but in Europe as well. We are the first to bring this exciting franchise to Canada! For more details on where Iron Cupcake got it’s start visit

Competition date: Saturday, April 12th, 2014

Judges:  You! The attendees


Now open to registrations!

If you plan to compete, please register by emailing your full name, phone # and either call 416-306-6446 or use paypal to submit your entry fee.
The entry fee is $15 which you can pay in person at our bakery or by credit card over the phone. There will be a cover of $5 for non-contestantants – you get to sample and judge the cupcakes entered to pick the winner! Why is there a fee to register? Well, it tells us that you are serious about entering, there will be prizes awarded, refreshments and it just helps us cover the costs of hosting the event.

Who Can enter Iron Cupcake:

The competition is open to everyone from the amateur home baker to professionals.


Please bring at least 1 regular sized cupcake for your display – this will be judged on appearance

4 dozen mini sized cupcakes which will be judged on taste. You will also get to try the other competitors entries! Non-participants will be able to sample as well.


Feel free to bring props – within reason – to better tell your cupcake’s story. Please bring a small sign stating the content of your cupcake. **Also please note if it contains nuts**
This is considered part of your presentation.
Please DO NOT put your name on the sign. The 4 dozen mini cupcakes will not be included in your display as they will be in a different area to give out for tasting, however, you may make extras to include in your display.


You may bake your cupcakes from scratch or doctor up a box mix. It is your choice.
You are not required to submit your recipe.


We will be holding the event in the 2nd floor lounge of our building. Please come to the bakery first to either sign in or buy your ticket. 171 East Liberty Street unit 117 1-3pm


Bakers must arrive at 12:00pm to set out your cupcakes, doors open to the public at 1pm and judging will commence shortly after, awards will be announced by 3:00pm.


When you arrive, please check in to register your name and the name of your cupcake and to receive your voting letter to be placed on your sign.


Each cupcake will be judged by competitors and all in attendance.

There will be awards for best overall, best presentation and best tasting cupcake.


Iron Cupcake winner – bragging rights!
Iron Cupcake t-shirt
Extreme cakes mini calendar
more – check back soon for updates