Erotic Cakes

From time to time people call us and shyly ask if we do erotic cakes. You can almost feel the embarrassment in their voice through the phone. Believe me, you are not the 1st to ask! We don’t mind being asked and our answer is yes, to a point. We will do erotic cakes like breasts and penises but we like to keep the designs fairly tame and not get too ‘gross’ with them (if you know what I mean!). Although we do these cakes, they are not something that we post photos of to our regular cake galleries as we want our website to be family friendly. If you are looking for this type of cake, please don’t hesitate to call or email us and we can always send you photos. I’m sure your request will not be the most bizarre one we’ve ever gotten!

Some of the things we have done are penis cupcakes for bachelorette parties, penis cakes for birthdays, breast shaped cakes to celebrate a breast augmentation anniversary (yes that was an actual occasion!) and for bachelor parties, bum/thong cakes for birthdays and even a cake with the image of a woman laying down with a nipple piercing and her legs wide open.

My favourite order was some really cute cupcakes for bachelorette party where the cupcakes were topped with little birds, flag banners, wedding rings, top hats and little gift boxes. The surprise was that the lids of the tiny boxes opened to reveal tiny penises! haha, yes a D*** in a box!